Court Support and Testimony

Court Support and Testimony

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When we confirm it, we stand behind it. No other monitoring company in the industry delivers a comprehensive Court Support Program like SCRAM Systems. Depending on the requirements of the technology, our Court Support and Testimony services deliver everything from proper documentation to comprehensive court reports, to telephonic or in-person expert court testimony.

We will:

  • Provide documentation on drinking events, curfew violations, tampers, or other infringements
  • Comprehensive system-generated violation support
  • Individualized court reports
  • Testify on the results of SCRAM CAM monitoring
  • Expert witness testimony on interpreting specific events
  • Work with SCRAM Systems to provide evidentiary-level support on the science and technology of SCRAM CAM
  • Written affidavit support
  • Individualized statistics

Target 25 Program Reducing Repeat DUIs by 90%

In the Target 25 program, SCRAM CAM is being used on second and higher DUI offenses to help deter repeat offenses, as well as serving as an assessment tool to get these hardcore drunk drivers the treatment they need to effect long-term behavior change.