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About Us

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How Can We Help?

i-Monitor LLC is based in Oklahoma. Our staff has multiple years of experience in providing different offender monitoring solutions, such as alcohol, GPS, drugs, home confinement, and other court-based orders. Because of our long familiarity with courts throughout the state, we can provide expert guidance and technology to those people struggling with various forms of abuse. We provide the highest quality of monitoring equipment and service to judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys, sheriffs, and probation/parole officers. Additionally, i-Monitor serves volunteer clients who request to have the monitoring devices installed on themselves to prove to courts they are no longer consuming alcohol, drugs, or are in places from which they are prohibited.

The technology currently being used by i-Monitor include;

  • SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring–for those who are heavy alcohol drinkers.
  • SCRAM Remote Breath–for those who need alcohol monitoring; but not as intensively as by a SCRAM CAM bracelet.
  • PharmChem Drug Patch–for those people abusing drugs and in need of monitoring to ensure they are no longer consuming prohibited drugs.
  • SCRAM GPS–for those always needing to be monitored as to where they are and when; this can include individuals involved in domestic conflicts, people ordered to stay away from certain locations, witness protection, stalking and offenders involved in criminal investigations.
  • SCRAM House Arrest–for those given an “alternative to incarceration” and judicially ordered to remain at home either full-time or during certain hours.

The primary location of i-Monitor is in Oklahoma City and offenders come to the office to be fitted with the appropriate monitoring device. Under some circumstances, our staff will travel to other locations (courts, jails, homes, offices) to install the monitoring devices on the offender.

Contact us to learn more about our SCRAM monitoring services, and how we can satisfy your needs.

We currently service the following jurisdictions and others being added: